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Michael Kors
History of Michael Kors

Michael Kors was founded in 1981 and started as a women’s clothing brand. The designer Kors worked for Celine in 1997 and left to start his own brand called Michael Kors in 2003. 

After just one year, the brand started to produce watches for all genders. In 2004, Michael Kors and Fossil entered into a relationship that allowed the Fossil group to create and market Michael Kors. The brand’s first timepieces for men and women debuted thanks to the partnership with Fossil. Their partnership arrangement between Michael Kors watches and the Fossil Group ensured that the materials used in each watch were of the highest caliber possible to justify their cost. 

They were promoted throughout the world in the coming two years. All Michael Kors timepieces have solid quartz motors; some are water-resistant. The patterns are adored for their accessibility and versatility; they go well with various types of clothing. 

After 41 years, the company introduced its first retail store. Kors operates 1200 stores worldwide in places like Seoul, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris, London, and Milan.

Features of Michael Kors Watches

MK watches fall into the category of fashion watches as they are moderately expensive. Fashion enthusiasts must acknowledge the unmistakable class and elegance of a Michael Kors watch despite the brand’s lack of information on mechanical watches. 

With their fairly priced and appealing designs, the watches capture the elegance and soul of urban culture. A Michael Kors watch has some distinct features like; a traditional clasp and crown, the brand’s initial, click buttons in chronograph watches, and various colors. 

Some popular MK watches collections are the Lauryn line, Bradshaw, and smartwatches. They stand out for mother-of-pearl dials, Roman numeral indexes, sporty chronographs,  and inner rings embellished with diamonds. 

Few watches even feature gold-plated steel cases for an edgy look. You get stainless cases, Arabic and Roman numerals, and quartz movements. It consists of functions like a calendar, subdials, and chronographs. People can select bracelet style or strap style as they please. 

Wholesale Micheal Kors Watches-B2B 

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Michael Kors has produced many editions, from classic to contemporary. It intends to dazzle the watch industry with its cutting-edge innovations. Numerous styles for both men and women are included, and some are listed below: 

  • Michael Kors watches for men
  • Michael Kors watches for women 
  • Water-resistant MK watches
  • Bracelet MK watches
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  • Chronograph watch 
  • Michael Kors smartwatches

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