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History of Tissot

Tissot is one of the leading Swiss watch brands founded in 1853 by a Swiss citizen Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son, Charles-Émile Tissot. The company has significantly impacted the history of luxury watches by designing a large variety for men and women. It inspires watch-making trends with every occasion, whether you need a traditional design or a luxury model for your super duper look in a fashion show. How this brand has evolved over the centuries with its swiss heritage and why people trust it is because of the quality it believes in.

In 1930, Tissot merged with Omega SA, and the Tissot Omega watches have been sought out in the market. 

Some famous watches collectors have experienced are Tissot Flamingo, Tissot Lovely, Tissot Excellence, Tissot Chemin, and Tissot Le Locle.

We will briefly tell you all the main categories and the special features you get from Tissot watches, so stick to the end of this blog post to learn about your favorite Tissot watches. 


The famous categories Tissot has made include many designs for both men and women.  From vintage to modern, Tissot has made many editions to impress the watch community with its cutting-edge technology. A few categories of wholesale brand watches are listed below.

  • Tissot Watches For Men
  • Tissot Watches For Women
  • Tissot Gift Boxes
  • Tissot Classic 
  • Tissot Modern 
  • T-Touch
  • T-Sport
  • T-Heritage
  • T-Gold

Wholesale watches-B2B – What Do We offer?

We are a wholesale marketplace with a great selection of luxury wholesale watches. Our wholesale Tissot watches are original with authentic price tags and packages stored at optimum temperature and delivered to you safely. We only deal in large quantities at wholesale prices, so only B2B customers can place orders on our wholesale marketplace. We have our warehouse in Hong Kong and Europe, where all the watches are secured and safely kept until they reach our clients. 

Our main goal is to provide the best selection of Tissot watches at affordable wholesale prices to worldwide clients. Wherever you are located, just place an order, and you will receive your order within 7-14 working days.

The packages include:

  • Original presentation boxes
  • Premium quality watches
  • Warranty cards
  • Care instructions

Tissot Build Quality and Functions

The build quality and Functions of Tissot watches are familiar to everyone. These watches are famous for their antique and modern looks, retro models, classic designs, and top-notch quality. Tissot aims to provide revolutionary design ranges in watch-making history. These watches are designed with different materials, including stainless steel, bronze, and leather straps with anti-scratch chronometers. You can get a water resistance of 50, 100,150, or 200 meters indicated in the back of the case. 

As far as the models are concerned, we have all; either you pay for a quartz watch or a mechanical movement watch. Tissot quartz models like T-touch and T-Race are more or less priced than luxury watches with 18k gold. 

If you own a business, buying a Tissot can be easy from now on. Trusted wholesale dealers with affordable prices can make your business successful, as you can obtain Tissot watches for the best B2B wholesale prices. 

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