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As a global wholesale marketplace for luxury watches, we cater to watch retail businesses worldwide. Our primary focus is to ensure swift worldwide shipping and exceptional customer service. What sets us apart from other distributors is our extensive range of watch models, showcasing a remarkable diversity. Moreover, we take pride in offering substantial discounts of up to -85% off retail prices, enabling our clients to access remarkable savings.

Luxury Brand Watches
Luxury Brand Watches

Minimum order €/$ 400

Only well-known brands and popular watch models are offered by WS Watch Supply

Luxury Brand Watches

Active since 2008

With over 15 years of extensive market expertise, we possess the ability to exclusively offer you top-notch products at highly competitive prices. 

Luxury Brand Watches

Thousands of satisfied B2B customers

We serve a variety of customers, from small boutiques to the largest e-commerce sites

Luxury Brand Watches

Customer Care

We offer professional after-sales service, consultations with one of our sales experts, and support via WhatsApp and email at

Luxury Brand Watches

Discounts up to -85% retail price

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Wholesale Luxury Brand Watches

When you are looking for wholesale watches, you want a fair price and outstanding customer service. We exclusively offer wholesale luxury watches that are 100% genuine at exceptional prices. We operate as the brand watch marketplace. Our B2B brand watches will improve your stock variety with one simple order.

We have some of the best watches on the market for you to choose from. With warehouses in Europe and Asia, we sell only 100 % authentic watches for highly competitive price ranges. When you shop with, authenticity is never in question - we sell genuine products. Add more watches to your collection and source your supplies from a reputable, reliable wholesale expert.

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10% OFF

EUR/USD 1,000

20% OFF

EUR/USD 1,500

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EUR/USD 3,500

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EUR/USD 7,000

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EUR/USD 15,000

Why should you choose WS Watch Supply as your business partner?

Here are 7 compelling reasons

Luxury Brand Watches

Excellent stock selection

Access to thousands of popular brand watch models.

Luxury Brand Watches

Authentic wholesale watches for sale

We only provide you with 100 % genuine products.

Luxury Brand Watches

Affordable minimum orders

We ensure that you can easily place a wholesale watch order with a minimum of just €400/$400.

Luxury Brand Watches

Secure, safe payments

We make sure that all payments are handled through reputable banks.

Luxury Brand Watches

Genuine customer service

Our customers are given access to a live, dedicated and fast customer service team that can answer your questions, resolve queries, and update you on every order made.

Luxury Brand Watches

Regular deals and discounts

Remarkable discounts of up to -85% off the recommended retail prices.

Luxury Brand Watches

Fast delivery (7-14 working day)

You can count on regular shipping updates and timely delivery on anything you have ordered from using UPS, DHL, and other big, trusted couriers.

Get your hands on the best B2B fashion watches today

With products suitable for all individuals, we can help you add more freshness and variety to your product line(s). We have models for gentlemen and ladies alike, so you can stock even more timepieces to suit your target audience. Whether you run  watch shop or sell on e-commerce marketplaces, we can give you easy access to wholesale watches for an excellent price.

Our watch options vary, from the classic and vintage types to something sportier and more outdoorsy. From casual to classic, formal to fun, we have wholesale watches to suit every kind of store.

Save big money on wholesale watches and clearance stock today

At, we can secure direct deals with major suppliers to bring you the best available deals. With our help, you can get access to our European and Asian stock and start picking up watches in wholesale shipments easily. We have branded watches from major names in the watch industry, such as Emporio Armani, Michael Kors, Diesel, Fossil, Guess, Tissot, Maserati and Burberry. We also have fashionable ranges from Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and more. Whatever brand or profile of watches you want to start selling, we will have a solution for you.

We work with different kind of customers. From small-scale online vendors targeting a specific audience to online boutiques and showrooms, our wholesale watches are sold across world-wide. We even work with other wholesalers, so if you want to get your hands on products you cannot find elsewhere, reach out to us, and we will be sure to find an agreement together.

From fashionable wholesale watches to luxury brands and sporty models for everyday wear, we have watches for everyone. With excellent wholesale discounts reaching as much as 70-85%, you can save huge sums of money compared to other distributors.

Get the easiest access to B2B watches and improve your stock today

One thing you need in your business is someone who you can rely upon. An expert who can provide you with quality goods at fair prices. Backed up with consistently high availability. If that sounds like what you need, then you should look no further. Our team at can provide you with the goods you need to extend your stock, give your clients more options, and maximize your profit margins.

Our watch stock accuracy is up to 95% in warehouses across Europe, Asia and USA. This is the fairest way to do business, so you are even more likely to get the desired delivery. Every product in our warehouses is checked for quality beforehand, ensuring that all wholesale watches we ship to you arrive in the exact condition they should.

Ready to start selling more wholesale watches?

Let us help you build your empire and increase your stock and variation of watch models today. All it takes is to sign up and get access to thousands of wholesale watches, and you can start buying quality timepieces. When you work with us, you are working with an experienced, reputable company that clearly understands how the process should work.

If you would like help and insight from someone who can ensure you get the wholesale watches you want, please reach out to us today.  We can make sure you get the best goods to make your business even better.

Register to view our watch selection, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding a product or order.

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