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History of Burberry Watches

Thomas Burberry founded the brand in England in 1856. Burberry is most known for rainwear coats as it came into the scene of luxury brands with weatherproof coats called the ‘Tielocken’ in the late 1800s. Many soldiers wore it during the Boer war, and even the first person to reach the South pole wore it. 

Although it’s been in the game of fashion for a long time, the Burberry watches started being developed in the 2000s. The mastermind behind Burberry watches is not Burberry itself but Fossil. The fossil was founded in Texas by a businessman named Tom Kartsotis. Upon his older brother’s advice, Tom turned to importing reasonably priced watches. Soon the brand went public and had many branches. 

The Fossil Branch in Switzerland signed with Burberry for worldwide watch distribution. The British Burberry and the Swiss Fossil emerged to produce timeless watches design with premium quality. Even after 150 years, Burberry still holds its value in clothes, coats, luggage, shoes, and high-quality watches.

Are Burberry watches worth it?

Burberry is a pioneer of leather strap watches and has a historic profile. 

Burberry specializes in “leather goods,” so their leather watch straps are top-notch and long-lasting. In addition to that, the stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, and the design always has an appealing aspect. 

The name alone is enough, as celebrities wear Burberry watches. But diving deep into the design and sleek look, they have a timeless and classy background. Each Burberry watch comes with the same mechanics of battery-powered quartz. However, the outward appearance is what makes it stand out among all other brands. Even without the Burberry tag, the colors, leather, and premium stainless steel materials give the watch a pop factor. Furthermore, the glowing hands of the Burberry watch help see time in the dark.

Some top examples of Burberry watch diversity are the Burberry Two-tone “The City” Chronograph watch, The Burberry BU9000, and Burberry Bu9001. For a leather strap, the Burberry Bu9013 is the perfect go-to option. The Burberry Bu9900 is great for a sapphire addition to your formal outings to impress materialistic people. 

Wholesale Burberry watches-B2B:

As Burberry is a luxury brand, it’s expensive to get your hands on authentic Burberry watches. That’s where we come in and provide you with the best-selling watches at competitive wholesale prices. Business owners can take advantage of our platform and see our deals of over 240 watch models. From Quartz and Sapphire to leather and steel, we offer all for men and women. 


There are many categories of Burberry watches depending on your budget and preferences. They are for both men and women, with reliable technology and impressive designs. Here are some top categories:

  • Tachymetre Burberry watches
  • Watch calendar 
  • Chronograph Burberry watches
  • Burberry automatic watch 
  • Burberry watches for men
  • Burberry watches for women 
  • Burberry Modern 
  • Waterproof Burberry watches 
  • Burberry Classic 

Burberry Wholesale Watches-What Do We Offer:

Become our B2B client by visiting our online wholesale platform. We provide Burberry watches to the highest standards. We have our main warehouses in Hong Kong and Europe. All the watches stay there in optimum temperature and controlled humidity, so the quality is sustained. 

As a wholesale marketplace, we usually do large-scale business at wholesale costs. All in all, we intend to offer the best Burberry watches to customers worldwide at wholesale prices. No matter where your business is, trust us and get the desired package of watches at your doorstep. 

The package consists of the following: 

  • Original presentation boxes
  • Premium quality watches
  • Warranty cards
  • Care instructions

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