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History of Diesel Watches

Diesel is a fashion brand, not a luxury brand. Renzo Rosso founded it in 1978. Originally, it was a jean-selling business. To expand into product innovations, the Diesel corporation started licensing its brand to other retail manufacturers in the 2000s. The brand grew popular internationally in the 1990s. 

Gradually, they partnered with L’Oreal to make scents and Marcolin to make Diesel eyewear. Diesel timepieces are the product of a partnership with Fossil. Even after 44 years, Diesel is recognized as one of Italy’s top three denim manufacturers. Plus, it’s one of the best 14 brands now sold by the Italian clothing firm Genius. 

Some of the iconic watches of Diesel are Mr.Daddy, Diesel Men’s Rasp Chrono, Heavyweight Men’s Chronograph, and Chronograph 555. Read further to know how Diesel watches are different and how they work. 

Functions and Build of Diesel Watches 

Unlike many other luxury watch brands, Diesel makes sure that watches look different and extra bold. To make a flashy fashion statement, a single Diesel watch is all your simple outfit needs. The features include large dials, sporty details, and quartz movements. 

  • Aesthetics:

As it is based on fashion, design is the main priority rather than performance. However, Diesel craftsmanship produces ideal long-lasting watches. Simplicity is not seen in these watches, as they have multiple dials with impressive settings and colors. The Diesel watches are not classy but bold and fashionable for the modern era, making you look youthful and confident. 

  • Fashion Statement

Luckily, each watch has a design base of urban culture and high fashion. There are many high-tech features invisible in the design as well as technology. People who love eccentric and stylish timepieces always wear Diesel watches to showcase their personalities. Most designs have analog displays, while a handful has digital ones, and some even have odd dial screens. Calendar displays and simple timing can also be seen in some models.

  • Material 

With stainless steel casings, the watch can take the form of any color as black, silver, gold, white, or gold rose. Aside from stainless steel, the straps are constructed from plastic and leather. So if you don’t love stainless steel straps, you can avail yourself of other options. Some models have 10 bar water resistance so check them out for waterproof watches. 

Our B2B Wholesale Diesel Watches

Getting limited editions of Diesel watches can take time as it requires serious research, especially online. Our selection of wholesale watches is stocked, and we offer more than 70 different models of Diesel watches. Also, you can place a bulk order for any model to get early bird discounts. Trusting our wholesale platform can benefit you with high-quality, amazing discount offers. 


Diesel watches come in categories for all genders, and the design is always cherishing and youthful, specially made for younger generations. There are many series that catch the eyes of people with taste. Here are some of the categories:

  • Rose gold Diesel watch 
  • Chronograph Diesel watch 
  • Leather strap Diesel watch 
  • Diesel smartwatch 
  • Diesel Silicone watch
  • Diesel Ana-Digi watch
  • Diesel watches for men
  • Diesel watches for women

What do we offer

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The package consists of the following: 

  • Original presentation boxes
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